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Dental Bridges in Manchester

If you’re looking for the best affordable, top quality and long lasting dental bridges in Manchester, our 5* rated missing teeth clinic can help.

Losing a tooth due to trauma, decay or gum disease can affect eating, and aesthetics leading to physical discomfort as well as social anxiety.

Our highly skilled General Dental Council (GDC) registered dental bridges dentist is Dr Bara, who has over 14 years extensive dentistry experience. He enjoys replacing missing teeth because of the confidence it restores in the patient and will often go to extreme lengths to maximise the patient’s results.

Choose us for dental bridges in Manchester and benefit from:

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Dental bridge costs in Manchester

To help keep this treatment as affordable as possible, we ensure our dental bridge prices are some of the most discounted in Stretford and Manchester.

Our prices are from £450/unit.

See inside our new Manchester dental bridge clinic

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Dental bridge 0% finance options

Achieve a Riyo Smile with our 12 month interest free finance package. We believe in making a stunning smile as affordable as possible.


Meet your Manchester dental bridge expert

Dr Bara Abdul-Salam bridge dentist

Dr Bara Abdul-Salam BChD (Hons) MFDS RCS Edin.
GDC No. 153637

Dr Bara is a dental surgeon with a keen interest in oral surgery, dental bridges, implants and restorative dentistry. He qualified as a dental surgeon from the University of Leeds in 2008 with Honours and Distinction. During his training in oral and maxillofacial surgery he published a number of articles in medical journals and has presented at international conferences.

To further his training, he completed the Diploma of Membership of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2010. He continued his personal development by completing the Cosmetic Dentistry & Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry course in London as well as solidifying his surgical abilities in restorative dentistry and oral surgery by completing his training in dental Implants.

His expertise has led him to being a preferred provider of dental implants and he continues to research the latest techniques and materials used in this field.

Why choose dental bridges?

Whilst dental implants are the gold standard to replace missing teeth, dental bridges can be utilised where implants cannot physically be placed.

For instance this could be if there is not enough bone, or there are some medical conditions which would advise against implant treatment.

Dental bridges are used to restore a gap created by missing teeth, literally bridging the gap. They are all fixed and can only be removed by a dentist.

When you lose a tooth, the gap that is created can affect your bite because the teeth next to this space will gradually move into the gap and affect the harmony of your upper and lower teeth. Over time this can lead to possible loss of further teeth.

A bridge could last for a significant number of years and help you maintain a healthy smile and protect the arrangement of your existing teeth.

Types of bridges available

There are several types of bridges and our GDC registered dentists will discuss the best options as relates to your case.

Below is some more information on the different types of dental bridges:

1. Conventional dental bridge:
Here the false tooth is fused between two porcelain crowns holding it in place, which is attached onto your natural tooth on either side of the false tooth. This type of dental bridge can be used to replace one or more missing tooth.

However it requires extensive preparation of the teeth holding the bridge in place and is thus not the most conservative option

2. Resin bonded dental bridge:
This type is almost always used for your anterior teeth. The main benefit of this type is that healthy teeth need either minimal or no preparation.

The false tooth attaches to your real teeth using a metal wing that sits and hides behind your natural teeth.

Have a look at some bridges we fitted – try and spot the fake tooth!

The benefits of dental bridges

We know how confidence about your teeth can affect how you feel about yourself, both personally and professionally. One missing tooth can knock your confidence, affect speech and chewing.

But not anymore, we can help you change your life with dental bridges that offer these benefits:

Improved appearance – Dental bridges can help to improve the appearance of your smile by filling in gaps left by missing teeth. Restored functionality – Dental bridges can help to restore your ability to chew and speak properly, which can improve your quality of life.

Prevent further dental problems – When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth can shift and move into the empty space, causing problems with your bite and even leading to jaw problems. A dental bridge can prevent this from happening by filling in the gap.

Longevity – Dental bridges are a durable dental restoration that can last for many years with proper care.

Convenience – Unlike dentures, dental bridges are fixed in place and do not need to be removed for cleaning, making them a convenient and hassle-free option for many people.

Improved self-confidence – Missing teeth can affect your self-confidence, making you feel self-conscious about your smile. A dental bridge can help to restore your confidence by improving the appearance of your teeth and smile.

Looking to transform your smile with stunning looking dental bridges?


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