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White Fillings (Composite)

Composite fillings are white/tooth coloured fillings. This material can make your filling look natural. We use high quality, strong, reliable and aesthetic composites for all our patients.

Composites are used to restore decayed, chipped and cracked teeth. A particular shade is selected to match the natural shade of your teeth prior to filling.
Composite filling material are then applied to a tooth’s surface, hand sculpted into a natural tooth shape, hardened, and then polished for the ultimate natural appearance.

Composite restorations are relatively quick and one of the most effective cosmetic dental procedures.

Below are examples of composite restorations:

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This lovely patient hated the dark stained line around her filling, which can often happen if the composite filling is not placed with due care. We restored her beautiful natural smile by replacing the old filling with a new natural looking filling in one visit.

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This young lady was horrified to find out she will need her first ever filling. She was worried people could tell she had fillings. we reassured her that the filling will feel and look like her natural tooth.

White Fillings (Composite) fees start from £110

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Here's what people say about their experience

Here's what people say about their experience

Here's what people say about their experience

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