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The Benefits of Seeing a Private Dentist

Here in the UK, dental patients have a choice when it comes to their dental care! The NHS is a free service available to the general public, so why are so many people choosing to go private? Our blog dives into everything you need to know about going private with your dental care so that you can make the most informed decision. To learn more about the benefits of private dental care, keep on reading!

Private Dental Treatment Vs The NHS

You may be wondering what the difference is between private dental care and free dental care on the NHS. It’s pretty simple! Dental care on the NHS is provided by NHS dentists from the Department of Health. The NHS is funded by taxes, and is a free service for the public to then use. Although the nhs provides free medical and dental care, many people are still choosing to go private. But why?

Private dental clinics are privately owned businesses which are able to set their own costs. Private dental clinics have a range of benefits which we will dive into in this blog, and these benefits are why so many people choose to go private. From shorter wait times to better access to treatments, private dental clinics have a lot to offer. Keep reading our blog to learn about the benefits of private dental care in more depth!

Benefits Of Choosing A Private Dental Clinic

There are several benefits that come with choosing private dental care. Because patients are paying for this service, private dental clinics are often extremely focused on their services and helping people to the best of their ability. Read below to discover more about the benefits of private dental care.

Reduced Waiting Lists

First and foremost, one of the most significant benefits of choosing private dental care is the shorter waiting list. Because the NHS is a free service, the demand for dental care can put a great strain on the service, resulting in long waiting lists. For people who need dental care, but not emergency care, it can be frustrating having to wait.

This is where private dental clinics come in. Private clinics are renowned for their shorter wait lists. Because the demand for care is far less than the NHS, private clinics are able to set up appointments and see their dental patients more quickly. Waiting lists on the NHS can have you waiting for weeks and months, so if you’re looking for more prompt dental care, private could be the way to go!

Shorter Wait Times

Following on from shorter waiting list times are shorter wait times. Typically, making an appointment and being seen by your dentist can take a while. And if you’re in need of immediate dental care that isn’t urgent, this can be pretty inconvenient.

Usually dental appointments will give you a time slot to adhere to, but sometimes dental practices can be running behind, leaving you unnecessarily waiting. Waiting lists are one thing, but sitting in your dentist’s office, waiting for your time slot can be frustrating. Some NHS dental practices are understaffed and underfunded, which often results in longer waiting times for dental patients.

Private dental clinics will be able to assign you a longer time slot for your appointment, so if it does end up taking slightly longer than predicted, other dental patients can still go to their appointment on time. This keeps things running smoothly and doesn’t leave patients waiting for hours.


Continuity is a big part of why people choose to go for private services. NHS dental services don’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll see the same dentist over and over again, which can make things difficult for some people. By seeing the same dentist over and over, they are able to gain a better understanding of your dental records, get to know you and in turn, provide the right dental care.

With private services, you can choose your dentist and choose to keep seeing the same person for all of your treatments. Continuity is especially important to many of us, and it can make your appointments much smoother when your dentist has gotten to know more about your dental history and lifestyle habits.

Better Technology & Equipment

Another significant benefit of choosing private dental clinics is the access to more advanced technology. Because private dental clinics are privately funded, they can afford to invest in more cutting edge technology. This can help both dental practitioners and patients! Treatments can be carried out by dental hygienists more efficiently and patients benefit from less invasive procedures.

When it comes to scans, X-rays and other tasks, they can be carried out much faster, getting patients through their appointment faster. This ties into the shorter wait times as well, and private dental practices can accommodate more patients too.

Wider Range Of Treatments Available

Alongside better technology and equipment, private dental practices are able to offer a wider range of services and treatments in comparison to the NHS. This is because they have the funding and ability to upgrade their facilities and invest in better equipment. Not only can they offer patients better treatments, they also have more time to dedicate to their dental patients, providing excellent dental care.

The NHS dentistry services are designed to prevent and treat dental health issues, so for people seeking cosmetic dentistry, going private is usually the best option. For cosmetic treatments, private dentists may be able to recommend and offer a combination of treatments to get their patients the best possible results.

In-Depth Preventative Care

One of the key differences that comes with private dental services is the level of care given. For dental health issues and dental examinations, your dentist will not rush you, taking their time to give you a full check-up. They will give you a thorough dental examination and might take x-rays of your teeth. They will provide you with all the necessary information and even tips for keeping a healthy smile! The continuity in private practice also means that you will most likely see the same dentist time and time again, meaning they can recommend personalised treatments as they know about your dental history.

As we’ve just touched on, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, dentists can combine treatments and recommended procedures that may not be available on the NHS, ensuring your aesthetic goals are achieved!

Choosing Between Private Dentistry & The NHS

When it comes to choosing the right type of dental care for you, there are several things to consider:

  • Budget – If you’re prepared to spend a bit more for your dental treatments, private dental care is a viable option. And if you’re looking for advanced treatments, they are going to be more expensive.
  • Wait Times – Wait times aren’t a dealbreaker for many people, however if you need regular dental care or urgent care, using the NHS may not work for you. The reduced wait times and speedier processes associated with private clinics could be more appealing.
  • Treatment Type – As we’ve already touched on, cosmetic dentistry isn’t available on the NHS, so if you’re after any kind of aesthetic treatment, you will have to choose a private dental practice. If it’s just general dentistry, using the NHS services may work for you, but having access to more advanced treatments is something that comes with private practices.
  • Combining Treatments – If you aren’t sure about committing to one or the other, the good news is you can safely mix and match your dental treatments between the NHS and private services. You can have our routine check-ups and cleanings done on the NHS, and use private services for more complex treatments!

Riyo Dental: Private Dental Hygienists & More

Here at Riyo Dental, we offer an excellent range of dental treatment options. No matter what kind of treatment you’re looking for, we are sure to have the right service for you. From dental hygiene to cosmetic dentistry, the team here at Riyo Dental are professional and experienced.

To learn more about our services, or our fees and finance options, feel free to check out our website. Alternatively, you can contact us today to speak to one of our team members directly!

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