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Food & Drinks To Avoid For Better Dental Health

Keeping care of your teeth is vital, and while brushing and flossing are great preventative measures, a key way to keep your teeth healthy is to think carefully about what foods and drinks you consume.

Here is Riyo Dental’s quick guide to some of the food and drinks to avoid for better dental health.


Hard sweets take a while to get through, and the more time it is in your mouth the more time bacteria has to build up. Also biting down on hard sweets can chip your teeth easily, which no amount of dental hygiene can heal!

As well as hard sweets, you should also avoid chewy ones. They also stay in your mouth for a while, especially extra-chewy ones such as caramels. Sour-based sweets are also full of more harmful substances, so think twice before browsing the sweet aisle!

Soft Drinks & Coffee

Probably one of the most talked about drinks to avoid are soft drinks and coffee. Soft drinks are more acidic and corrosive than normal drinks, while coffee can stain your teeth and attract bacteria. If you must drink them, try and drink them while eating food, as it can help to neutralise the acid.

While some of the drinks we have mentioned are bad for your teeth, some of the damage can be avoided by using a straw to drink them. This way the drink has less chance to coat your teeth and cause any distress.

Citrus Fruits/Juices

While fruit can be good for your insides, it can be harmful to your teeth. Citrus fruits and drinks, particularly ones such as lemons and grapefruits, are highly acidic and can erode the enamel layer of your teeth.


This one seems quite random, but crackers and other biscuits can be bad for your teeth. The carbohydrates convert to sugar in the mouth, which can lead to cavity-forming bacteria. They can also lodge between teeth easily, which can lead to trouble!


While pickles are a favoured snack by many, they are not a great snack for your teeth. Acid is essential to the pickling process, and this acid is harmful to your enamel.

Riyo Dental – Your Private Dentist

No matter how much time you spend protecting your teeth, it is also recommended to visit a dentist occasionally. Here at Riyo Dental, we are a highly experienced private dentist in Stretford, able to offer a great range of treatments at affordable prices.

We take the time to tailor treatment plans for your needs, giving each of our new patients an initial consultation to decide on what is best for you. Our treatments include both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.

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